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Rainbow Bucket Hat

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Definition of Bucket Hat according to the Urban Dictionary:
A hat that fits on the head as if it were an upside-down bucket. Trendy amongst twenty-somethings who don't quite know where they fit in. Maybe emblazoned with a beer logo.
“Hey! Dump the fish heads out of the bucket and put it on your head. You are now wearing a bucket hat!”
We don’t agree with the twenty-something part, we believe bucket hats are for all ages! But we do agree that beer logos would be a suitable embellishment.

This wonderfully handmade cotton reversible bucket hat has a fun all-over rainbow print on one side and solid black on the other. 

Measure your dome before purchasing!!
Inside band circumference: 24.25in
Top height: 3.5in
Brim length: 2.25in